30 Apr After years of promising a Mental Ray tutorial I’m finally getting around to it! 3DS Max before jumping to 3rd party render engines and plug-ins. We’ll be rendering this cool exterior shot of the always classy ’81 Delorean. 14 Jun fellow cg pipol, i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for an exterior rendering tutorial using 3dsmax mental ray. all tutorials i’ve. 31 Aug An in-depth maya Exterior render tutorial using Mental Ray: another free maya For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can .. great tutorial. even tho i am using 3ds max , mental ray i finally got.

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Mental Ray Sun is directly connected to Physical Sky, driving the overall aspect of the environment. In the Lighfing file I provide you can explore a few different comps with different grades setup. Our default exposure values are more appropriate for high noon sun on a crystal clear day and our pixel intensities are mostly under 1. Feel free to tune this parameter following your tastes!

This is the reason why professional landscape photographers try to take their pictures just when the sky dome light contribution is higher than the sun power. Using a Custom Reflectivity Function again at.

Oh crap, we broke it!! Notice all the noise in the stainless material around our very pretty highlight on the driver side of the car?

By the time you complete this tutorial, you will be much libhting prepared to overcome many of the common challenges faces when rendering an outdoor environment in 3ds Max. The haze parameter influences the apparence of the sky and horizon, but it’s also drive the softness and the strenght of the sun light.


HDRI Rotation seems to match up pretty well now in terms of both the reflection and the direction of the shadow cast. Sign up to get immediate access to 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial course plus thousands more you can watch anytime, anywhere. More from the author Maya Fundamentals Beginner. Keep that in mind: For the best possible experience on our website, please accept cookies. We should have a long talk about gamma Activate ambient occlusion to add some contact-contrast.

Just a matter of preference. It has tuorial do with response curves, parameters and types Add comment Name required E-mail required, but will not display Website. 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial

More stuff

Ignore any bitmap warnings at this point. One of the one tonemapper’s primary duty is to balance the luminance between high luminance and low luminance pixels coming from our renders. If you notice grainy sun shadows then put that number higher the less than you can or your render times will go crazy! Push the limits of what’s possible.

Also the help in 3DS rau has a great section on what lightung setting does with rendered examples. This concludes this rather lengthy tutorial introducing photo-realistic rendering with 3DS Max and Mental Ray. Values around are advised. A few things about materials in Mental Ray.

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting | Tutorials | AREA by Autodesk

Note there is a subtle brushing texture controlling both 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial Diffuse and Reflection Color. I correct it very little tuutorial avoid unnatural effects expecially in the sky.


A great garden can make an horrible scene become very good! Hopefully working fine now! In the series of lessons, we will explore the various tools, techniques, and procedures that we can use when lighting an outdoor scene in 3ds Max. The more this value, the more visible will be the sun disk. Too bad, I tried for a long time. But you are free to find your own approach.

3ds Max – MentalRay Exterior Lighting – Ext Model on Vimeo

A tone mapper simulates the real camera behaviour. Hi Antonio, Thank you for your very nice tutorial. You could have a black diffuse and uncheck Metal, your choice. Only boost it lightimg 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial you really need to.

I’m actually doing an external render and your tutorial is great. This will cover just mental ray sun and sky or some materials too?

The default is 1.

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting

I highly recomend you to take a look to the Maya Mental Ray Proxies Tutorial where I explain an effective tecnique to populate maya lighhting with hundreds of complex objects like grass and trees! Use it just as an artistic option. Go with a bump map to enhance the level of detail. Same goes for Vray actually. You can easily get rid of it in 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial production.