3 Nov I need to convert our bill print PRTF from *AFPDS to *SCS. Does anyone know how to do this. Software/Hardware used: ISeries/AS Is it possible to include a special character within a text sting output to an AFPDS print file? We have output the special character by using a symbol character set. CPYSPLF and AFPDS. February 23, Ted Holt. Printing is one of the primary concerns of people who use computers for what I still refer to as data.

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A special viewer is required for screen display. A complete overview of all supported input and output formats is provided in the Compart Matrix.

So we want to convert the spool files to PDF directly.

AFP Analyzer Free Version Windows

Forgot Password No problem! After research revealed that box shading is actually an image, I tried adding our company logo, confirming that I am There was an error processing your information. AFPDS files typically contain tens of thousands of documents invoices, account statements, letters, go. We operate on a V5R2 release.

Oldest Newest Sorting replies I agree to my information being processed by TechTarget and its Partners to contact me via phone, email, or other means regarding information relevant to my professional interests. And if is ro the case, can we identify the fonts which is being used by SCS spool entry and export those fonts being used in other ways e.


Ask a question, help others, and get answers from the community. Printing Electronic Signature that is Printer Resident. Hi Folks, Hopefully someone can help me. Please try again later. This is a variable width font. I may unsubscribe at any time. Oldest Newest Sorting replies Start a thread and discuss today’s topics with top experts.

AFPDS Archives – IT Answers

They make it very easy to convert and e-mail a spool file. This is my code: I have the PCL Escape sequence from the manufacturer.

PC users have online access to the original AFP documents – without converting the documents or stressing the network.

There was an error processing your afpes.

To follow this tag PG 30 points Badges: Submit your e-mail address below. Read the latest tech blogs written by experienced community members. Read the latest arpds blogs written by experienced community members.

AFP Analyzer Free Version Windows – Timitoo Systems

By converting and saving the documents in PDF format, employees are able go access them at any time from their notebook or PC. Compart therefore works together with partners to develop individual solutions to integrate AFP documents into PC-based work processes. Really don’t want to recreate the wheel by making page segments out of these images there are many of themand not having any Now we are changing printer files to AFPDS in order to print in different font and with lines yo boxes.


Compart software solutions enables highly complex, single pass operations with flexibility and reliability for high availability, high volume environments.

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What am I missing? Submit your e-mail address below. It does not support most of our printer model.

Now we are changing printer files to AFPDS in order to print xfpds different font and with lines and boxes. We’ll email you when relevant content is added and updated. Please try again later.

I used the underline dds keyword and find that the underline extends beyond the printed characters. If that was selected just because it seemed a good choice at the time and it wasn’t needed for any reason, then just run the CRTPRTF command again, except change this parameter: Or a normal part of the invoicing process? Prime8 60 points Badges: Your password has been sent to: Managing storage for virtual environments Complete a brief survey to get a complimentary page whitepaper featuring the best methods and solutions for your virtual environment, t well as hypervisor-specific management advice from TechTarget experts.