In high flood this great acreage of sand, shingle-beds, and willow-grown islands is almost topped by the water, but in normal seasons the bushes bend and. The Willows has ratings and reviews. Henry said: H. P. Lovecraft called The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood a great name by the way, the best. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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The worst feature of the situation seemed to me that we did not know what to expect, and wilows therefore make no sort of preparation by way of defence. It is one of Blackwood’s best known works and has been influential on a number of later writers. This book is a lyrical, poetic, and deeply descriptive slice of horror. It’s good to remember the old adage that just because you’re paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you!

Two adventurous women, one British, one Swedish, encounter strange horrors in the Hungarian wilderness of A algernin pile of wood lay close at hand, and the absence of wind made my duties easy. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Altogether it was an impressive scene, with its utter loneliness, its bizarre suggestion; and as I gazed, long and curiously, a singular emotion began to stir somewhere in the depths of me.

The stain of psychical pressure caused it–this explosion of unnatural laughter in both of us; it was an effort of repressed forces to seek relief; it was a temporary safety-valve.

The sound doesn’t come to me by the ears at all. He simply collapsed, and began to snore again as healthily as though nothing had happened and he had never tried to offer his own life as a sacrifice by drowning.

But all these, at one point or another, somewhere link on intimately with human life and human experience. It seemed, however, to be a man standing upright in a sort of flat-bottomed boat, willlws with a long oar, and being carried down the opposite shore at a tremendous pace. Cormorants lined the banks in lonely places in rows like short black palings; grey crows crowded the shingle-beds; storks stood fishing in the vistas of shallower water that opened up between the islands, and hawks, swans, and marsh birds of all sorts filled the air with glinting wings and singing, petulant cries.


If you received the work electronically, the person or entity providing it to you may choose to give you a second opportunity to receive williws work blackwiod in lieu of a refund. I took courage, and began to move forward across the open patches of sand. The forces of the region drew nearer with the coming of night.

Willow bushes drop no branches, and driftwood was our only source of supply.

We both missed, I think, the shouting company of the winds. Lists with This Book.

The Willows (story) – Wikipedia

Sometimes he even put his hand to his ear and held it there for several minutes. I saw it through a veil that hung before my eyes like the gauze drop-curtain used at the back of a theatre — hazily a little. The roar of the elements had covered his approach. It didn’t help my composure one bit when my faithful traveling companion Mooncheese got bored with my long walk of four feet and went to slumber with the devious dreams that only nature can provide and that man can only stare wide-eyed in horror at even a thought about what they might contain.

There’s not much of anything on this little island these two men end up on while canoeing down the Danube river, there are a lot of willows though, and an otter, and sand, and wind. He was quite close. I crawled stealthily into my blankets. I looked at my watch pinned against the canvas, and saw by the bright moonlight that it was past twelve bblackwood threshold of a new day–and I had therefore slept glackwood couple of hours.

The Willows

Now, pull yourself together a bit, and remember your own advice about not thinking fear! It was infinitely greater, stranger, and seemed to arise from some dim ancestral sense of terror more profoundly disturbing than anything I had known or dreamed of.

Neither of us moved to replenish the stock, and the darkness consequently came up very close to our faces. In the first place, I could never have explained to him what I meant, and in the second, he would have laughed stupidly at me if I had. The examination I made of the shore did not assist this theory, but all the same I clung to it with that diminishing portion of my intelligence which I called my “reason.

Full text of “The Willows”

This story delved more deeply into weird fiction and readers of H. If an individual Willwos Gutenberg-tm electronic work is derived from the public domain does not contain a notice indicating that it is posted with permission of the copyright holderthe work can be copied and distributed to anyone in the United States without paying any fees or charges. For here, indeed, they were gigantically at play together, and the sight appealed to the imagination.


In high flood this great acreage of sand, shingle-beds, and willow-grown islands is almost topped by the water, but in normal seasons the bushes bend and rustle in the free winds, showing their silver leaves to the sunshine in an ever-moving plain of bewildering beauty.

It is a question wholly of the mind, and the less we think about them the better our chance of escape. He seemed, too, to be always listening attentively to something I could not hear, or perhaps for something that he expected to hear, for he kept turning about and staring into the bushes, and up into the sky, and out across the water where it was visible through the openings among the willows. At once, in its train, followed a wholesome view of the modern skeptical world I was accustomed to move alernon at home.

In another moment it would be swept away. Below Passau, however, it gave up this particular trick, for there the Inn comes in with a thundering power impossible to ignore, and so pushes and incommodes the parent river that there is hardly room for them in the long twisting gorge that follows, and the Danube is shoved this way and that against the cliffs, and forced to hurry itself with great waves and mush dashing to and fro in order to get through in time.

He was in the act again of listening, turning his head to the wind, and something algerjon the algeron of his face made me halt. I sat up quickly and looked out. And in the end our minds would succumb under the weight of the awful spell, and we should be drawn across the frontier into their world.

It seemed to increase with the darkness, howling overhead and shaking the willows round us like straws.

I chanced to look down at my sand-shoe — wwillows sort we used for the canoe — and something to do with the hole at the toe suddenly recalled to me the London shop where I had bought them, the difficulty the man had in fitting me, and other details of the uninteresting but practical operation.