API RP 9B: Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service. Recommended Practice on. Application, Care, and Use of. Wire Rope for Oilfield Service. Upstream Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 9B –`,`,`,,,,,,,“`,`. that is QPL qualified, API certified, and .. by American Petroleum Institute (API) RP54 guide- lines. API RP 9B: Recommended Practice on Application.

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Seat belts in use by operators B Elevated loading door opening protected Sliding section equipped with stops or pins RP54 9.

+% Standard Stainless Steel Sheave Gauges – API RP-9B

High pressure fitting used in high pressure system Rotating parts guarded Fire extinguishers located properly Wires not spliced RP54 Choke manifold and line secured RP54 6. V-door gate or chain provided and in place Drive belts and shafts guarded Api rp 9b 6.

Material Handling Equipment fork lift operators trained and Certified. Pipe api rp 9b and catwalk at same height 7. First Aid Training provided. Spacers used to a;i layers of pipe Send us your form. Pipe racks are level and stable 5.

Cookies are used by this site. Approved lighting for the location available Drilling and well servicing structures must be designed to safely carry all loads that are likely to be imposed during api rp 9b structure’s lift.


A regular preventive maintenance program should be established for all hoisting tools. Tong api rp 9b line clamps in good condition and installed properly 3 A.

Tong motion controlled Circulating hose secured to gooseneck and swivel RP54 9. Fuel storage tanks properly located RP54 8.

Chemical hazard warning signs erected Api rp 9b floor secured in up position with positive rpp RP54 9. Derrick hydraulic system free of leaks. Degasser Unit in good condition 14 A. Fire watch required and trained RP54 Scoping ram stabilizers in good condition RP54 9. Fork lift stability during movement or lifting Api rp 9b Pumps, piping, rrp, valves and other fittings not operated at pressures greater api rp 9b working pressures RP54 9.

Dead line properly anchored RP54 9. Masts are structural towers typically used in applications where the structure must be partially disassembled for transportation among well locations. Draw works properly guarded RP54 9.

Adequate lighting provided RP54 9.

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Hard toed shoes used by crew. Supply storage house clean.

Explosion proof equipment, fixtures and wiring used in the Vicinity of the shale shaker. Adequate handrails provided on stairs with 4 or more risers.



Pipe tubs and bridles in good condition No Parking within ft of the rig. Tong dies sharp RP54 9.

All engines located approx 50 ft from the well or gas source, if possible RP54 9. Spark and heat arrester, or water, on all engine exhausts Api rp 9b apo. H2S monitoring devices in use, if applicable api rp 9b Author links open overlay panel.

Backup alarm operational B Drilling line in good condition RP9B 3. Draw works brake linkage.

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All air purged from hydraulic raising cylinder. Employees api rp 9b permitted on top of pipe Climb assist device in good condition A hoisting system is composed of the draw works, traveling block, crown block, extra line storage spool, various clamps, hooks, and wire rope.

Latch dog visually inspected prior to loading derrick. Assembly pins secured with keepers RP54 9. Can’t find the right checklist?