2 What is IO-Link? As the first standardized uniform, universally applicable interface in control technology, IO-Link transmits all sensor and.

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I would like to be called back. IO-Link can be used universally The interface communicates from the controller down to the lowest automation level and can be connected with nearly any fieldbus system.

IO-Link | Balluff

This transports your data oink the entire manufacturing process and achieves seamless communication from the intelligent sensor up to the Internet. And it comes with the welcome result that you can oversee the sensors for your manufacturing process down to the last meter and carry out diagnostics.

Thus, parameter data for a new, identical replacement device can be used easily, saving time and reducing errors. Photoelectric distance sensor, pressure sensor, color sensor. What components does IO-Link require? As a result, Balluff IO-Link supports all current fieldbus protocols.

What is the IO-Link master’s task? Using IO-Link, a collaboration amongst several companies aredeveloping the viable solution.

The ballff of the sensors no longer plays a role thanks to IO-Link. Regardless of the complexity of the devices, plug-and-play allows them to always be connected using the same simple 3-conductor standard cable. Industries and solutions Products and services Company. The relevant information is saved and can be called up at a central location in the controller. Selection of IO-Link capable intelligent sensors here: What speaks in favor of IO-Link?


Furthermore, using IO-Link, sensors can be built in directly at the location of operation, where they are optimally placed in terms of technical aspects of the process. For connecting binary or analog devices, use corresponding sensor and lnik hubs.

How IO-Link creates lean identification solutions. This requires components that provide information and an infrastructure that transports it across all levels.

Advantages offered by IO-Link in automated measuring. Now devices can be parameterized centrally, diagnostics information can be sent from the device to the controller, and process data can be exchanged in digital form with high signal quality. The digital interface is a fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point connection.

You only need a standard cable and a standardized port with M5, M8 or M12 connectors. This enables configuration and diagnostics from a central location.

It is the first globally standardized IO-technology that communicates libk the controller down to the lowest automation level and integrates sensors as well as actuators at the fieldbus level. With IO-Link Discover Improved Process Quality Intelligently combining industrial networks with the IO-Link communication standard is the ideal solution for ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and more adaptable production.


IO-Link – The Ideal Solution | Balluff

IO-Link — the USB interface for automation As the degree of automation increased, so did the need for intelligent field devices. Industries and solutions Products and services Company.

Before IO-Link the controller could communicate only up to the fieldbus devices.

Communication up to the sensors and actuators wasn’t possible. That gives the advantage of allowing the saved information to be automatically taken over during a device exchange. At the same time, a growing amount of data needs to be managed.

IO-Link – The Ideal Solution

IO-Link is simple IO-Link makes the installation balludf the exchange of new devices easier and guarantees error-free data transfer. With one of the largest IO-Link portfolios, Balluff creates the best solution for your needs. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies.