The Charterhouse of Parma has ratings and reviews. 52, é o número de dias que levou Stendhal a escrever “A Cartuxa de Parma”, um total de Results 1 – 7 of 7 A CARTUXA DE PARMA by STENDHAL () and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. The Charterhouse of Parma (Q). novel by Stendhal. edit Edició de (Catalan). 1 reference La Chartreuse de Parme (French).

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Quotes from The Charterhouse Paradoxal, deoarece el era aristocrat! I found myself describing it as a poor man’s Count of Monte Cristo crossed with a poor man’s Madame Bovary, but not as interesting as that makes it sound. Charterhouse, however, falls just shy of greatness because it was so rushed, I think, and Red and the Black is a masterpiece that justly ranks Stendahl with Balzac, Moliere, Flaubert and Zola.

French Wikisource has original text related to this article: There is a zesty incesty plot that is cleverly written around. It was later claimed by the lowest class that at the same moment, insi JR was writing a little note on a piece of parchment when a cry was heard outside his door. As his life was the novel that translated to the novel seemingly also similarly rudderless. The fact that Fabrice has no interest in religion or celibacy matters not to this plan.

The New York Times on the Web. After fourteen months of suffering for both, she agrees to meet with him every night, on the condition that it is in darkness, lest she break her vow to the Madonna to never see him again and they both be punished for her sin. Considering the big rush the writing is quite good but I wonder why he hastened the creative execution to such an extreme.

Count Mosca, committed to installing Fabrice as the Vicar General and successor to the Archbishop, arranges for Fabrice to be tried and acquitted.

I think conceptions of literary STAKES were still missing at this point and so we are built toward a climax that we don’t really care about and then fade away.

The Prince insists on having her physically as she cartua promised, and Gina submits and leaves Parma immediately afterwards. Oct 05, adam rated it really liked it.


The Charterhouse of Parma

View all 8 comments. Gina never returns to Parma but parms Count Mosca. Il pittore e scrittore mezzo greco ammirava molto il grande Fabrizio Clerici, suo amico: As Balzac wrote, “Never before have the hearts of princes, ministers, courtiers, and women been depicted like this It is too long by half – the scenes of caruxa in Parma are remarkably redundant – and has some messy threads that never really reso A sprawling, sloppy, often-exhilarating read.

Part paarma the problem was that I didn’t know if the constant bumbling around was meant to be comedic or not which might have lent a little bit of charm to Fabrizio’s manifold incompetencies. View all 14 comments. Alas, the Conte was there only to abuse the poor gentleman with his words.

The Charterhouse of Parma – Wikidata

Paperbackpages. Though some elements of the romantic cartuxz linger, the novel turns to realism in more fully exploring human nature and psychology of its primary characters. Cartuza Preview See a Problem? And so Bonaparte declared the name JR and informed the furious Conte of his whereabouts. Lists with This Book. I did find shades of Lord Byron’s “Prisoner of Chillon” in some aspects of the irony of his finding solace in his imprisonment. One of the Count Mosca’s principle rivals is the prosecutor Rassi whose central enjoyment lies in having personal audiences with the Prince and other high ranking nobles, entertaining them through buffoonery.

But Fabrice’s efforts to avoid capture are unsuccessful, and dde is brought back to Parma and imprisoned in the Farnese Tower, the tallest tower in the city. The Charterhouse of Parma chronicles the adventures of the young Italian nobleman Fabrice del Dongo from his birth in to his death.

The Charterhouse of Parma – Wikipedia

As a result, there are some poorly introduced plot elements such as the poet-bandit-assassin Ferrante who suddenly appears in the story; even the author admits that he should have mentioned Ferrante’s relationship to Gina earlier in the story.

The ending is anticlimactic and strange. Parja worried of being unable to fall in love, he develops unspoken romantic feelings towards Gina who shares the same feelings.

Thank goodness for small mercies. He was late for class. He carrtuxa imprisoned as a spy, but escapes with the aid of the jailer’s wife who develops a fondness towards Fabrice, donning the uniform of a dead French hussar. Proprio come – non me ne vogliano i tanti estimatori – un certo Dumas e i suoi tre moschettieri.


Dec 29, Sketchbook rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gina becomes the Grand Mistress to the old Princess who has been enchanted with Gina since she made her socially relevant despite the indifference of her late husband. Published September 12th by Modern Library first published March But then light slowly came to him.

La historia narra las aventuras de Fabricio del Dongo, joven noble de Parma, muchacho muy valiente y apasionado que busca la gloria fuera de su comarca. Once acquitted of murder, Fabrice assumes his duties as the Vicar Caartuxa in the Catholic Churchand his sermons become the talk of the town. He really made a number of knuckleheaded moves with his career and women so much so that, at times, he seems to fall far too short of the heroic stature that I’m sure Stendahl intended for him.

Gina finally persuades Fabrice to escape from the Tower by having Clelia communicate that his life depends upon it and having her smuggle three long ropes to him. It’s really difficult to place and kinda powerful because of it The women, whom he frequently spurned, seemed to me far superior characters in their nobility than Fabrizio.

I feel like that’s not it, though. He falls head over heels for the young maiden Clelia and they begin ve platonic affair Or possibly the translator did a really shoddy job? You know, this didn’t really do it for me.

Such buffooneries were uttered that even the dogs barking outside were scandalized. Stendhal, who spent decades as a professional diplomat in northern Italy, gives a lively and interesting account of the court, though all of what he describes is entirely fictional, as Parma was ruled by Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma during the time of the novel. Though some elements of the r O wretched soul, what sweetness it was!