Ugly [Constance Briscoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. UGLY is the life story of Constance Briscoe. Starved, beaten and told she was an “ugly waste of space”, this is a heart-rending account of a mother’s cruelty from. 1 May Briscoe documented the disturbing allegations in an explosive curtly-titled memoir, Ugly. The book became a UK bestseller and thrust her into.

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What took you so long? The writer overcame astounding odds, working 3 vriscoe to support herself while going to high school, and eventually becoming the first black woman judge in UK. It is also a very influential book, as you can see that she has now done well for herself, despite her childhood.

I’ve got so much to be proud of. Generation Next Oli White. We need to use cookies to do this.

Constance Briscoe: ugly tale of the barrister who lied to police

She pauses, thinking carefully. This book made me think a lot even if it left a rather negative impression on me. I do believe the story is truthful and although I found it hard sympathising at the beginning of the story, by the end of rbiscoe I really liked Clare’s personality. I ended up skipping and skimming through most of it towards the end. Some will grow determined, strong and successful as Constance did, and others, sadly and unfortunately will be broken.

This is a powerful book.

The legal system reached the right conclusion, but for the wrong reasons — the process was flawed. Bagaimana seorang Constant Briscoe berjuang sedari kecil hingga tumbuh remaja melawan penyiksaan ibunya dan bagaimana ia akhirnya terkerdilkan oleh setiap perkataan ibunya bahwa ia adalah buruk rupa, sunggguh teramat jelek, and uncapanle of doing thing UGLY, sebuah buku yang membuka mata bahwa masih banyak ada kasus kasus pengkerdilan dan penyiksaan mental dan fisik di pelbagai belahan dunia.


And even suffering the effects of drinking bleach, nobody calls a doctor for her! Mar 15, Watermelon Daisy rated it it was ok. Nothing new really seemed to happen. Why no one else reacted and helped her, and how she could be employed under age, will remain a mystery of mankind. What I find distressing is thinking about how many more children are being abused right at this very moment around the world whilst I sit comfortably writing my irrelevant little book review just because I like to.

Retrieved 10 October That’s the book that I Think would be more interesting – how she dealt with ‘normal’ life after having such an abnormal childhood. Retrieved from ” https: There is one of my favorite quote about mother: I find true stories are very difficult to judge. I read some of the reviews and that helped me to make up my own mind. On a school trip to Knightsbridge Crown Court, she buttonholed Michael Mansfield, the left-leaning QC, who, perhaps impressed by her chutzpah, told her to come back to him when she was ready to become a barrister.

The very beauty of biographies is that they are somebody’s own version of what happened to them and how they lived it or fought it. Books by Constance Briscoe.

This is wr I read some of the reviews of this book and found out how some people are criticizing about the ‘writing’, ‘grammar’ or ‘repetitiveness. Even when that child goes to school, visibly beaten up, and says that she will not go home, nobody does anything?

Based on true account of Constance Briscoe, I’m so emotionally-exhausted once finished reading it. Sep 10, Reemash rated it really liked it.


Our Authors See all Authors. Strudwick admitted some found her “brash” and “dismissive”. I was fascinated by how she managed her life and became what she is now. Why didn’t he ask for custody from the beginning?! When the Music’s Over Peter Robinson. Didn’t he have children to look after?!

Ugly by Constance Briscoe

After a while, it got repetitive. There’s no third person commenting on it consance describing it from kgly emotionally detached point of view. Acts of Love Talulah Riley. Pushing the literature view aside, I found the real story interesting to be recognized.

I’m not disputing the fact that she had an awful upbringing and experiences, just I’m sceptical about the actual TRUTH behind perhaps mis conceived childhood memories. Her feet have been reshaped to fit pretty shoes.

Boredom was the only reason that made me read it.

Constance Briscoe

Eventually, she found new chambers and rose to become one of the first black female barristers to become an assistant crown court recorder as well as sitting on mental health tribunals and undertaking criminal work in London and Sussex.

And for her sisters, I hate them all. It was for this reason that she became a prosecution witness in their case. I couldn’t relate at all, and I found her style to be rather preachy.

Indeed, she writes, when she confessed her suicidal thoughts to a priest, he rewarded her with a penance of four Hail Marys. On 6 AugustBriscoe was removed as a member of the judiciary.

Now Briscoe is the latest victim — her legal career utterly destroyed.