Most useful EDIUS Video Editing Keyboard Shortcuts for cut, trim, offset and duplicate. 4 Oct Export your keyboard shortcut file from EDIUS. You should get (for versions and later) or (for version 3.x) file. Drag that file. 4 Oct Cool and useful Edius tips and shortcuts. Drag a video clip with audio onto an . Default Key shortcut for adding audio crossfade (Edius 6).

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To change the volume of several tracks as a synchronised unit, use the gang feature of the audio mixer. I want to hit one key to apply a centred crossfade to the next edit point.

Most useful EDIUS Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Alt while dragging a node up and down and all nodes will ediuw up and down. I get a similar delay the first time i click the “Export” icon below the preview monitor or the first time i select “tools” from the menu. With E3 and earlier you used to be able to apply crossfades with one KB button press, with the clip selected normally, which you can do by KB.

By the way, the “add default transition to crossfade” I have unchecked. You can fade any audio or video manually by simply shorrcuts to create a node, then pulling the start node or end node down. To fade out an audio clip the same way, the timeline cursor must be moved left by 1 frame from the end of the clip. If you only want to do a certain number of clips, Ctrl select them or rubber band them.

Originally Posted by msvideo That’s a workaround to keep me going for the time being. That’s a workaround to keep me going for the time being. Shortctus quickly and easily change a rubberband node, let the timeline cursor snap to it, then press the Y key on the keyboard, this opens the property pallete Use the U key to delete any node at timeline shorhcuts position.


The effect will be played in preview window and external monitor in a loop until you click stop.


I confirm your findings Johnny, and confirm crossfade behaviour has got worse with E6. It is too common a practice, not to have a KB shortcut. Mouse in combination with shortcuts requires extra steps and too slow if applying a few hundred crossfades a day and cutting hours of rushes. I noticed in the icon task bar a “Microsoft security essentials” program running, perhaps was a recent Win 7 update.

Crop and Stretch any clip by right clicking, Layout Is this gone or am I just missing something? Change clips in bin from Many years ago with E3, there was a KB shortcut that applied the default crossfade without adding a transition if the settings were ticked accordingly This feature got broken with the release of E4.

Drag a video clip with audio onto an audio track such as 1A, this will strip the video and you can use the audio. I havent worked out yet why this is. I dont think its as bad as it was when i had the virus checker running but now I get about a 5 to 6 second freeze, then white border for a couple of seconds, so about 7 or 8 secs delay.

A one click keyboard shortcut is still a great time saver, I will try and get this reported officially again. Doing a search in the custom keyboard shortcut settings for “crossfade”, there is only one command i can find “Delete Clip Crossfade” What we need is a “Apply Default Crossfade” command. Place a generic I do not have a fix but to add more info: The behaviour is intermittent, working once or a few times then keyblard applying any more despite clipboard not being overwritten also plenty header material.


To get Titlemotion Pro started with your favorite font, decoration and alignment etc. Hi Anton Thanks as always for your speedy and helpful reply.

I’ve noticed since E6, the problem is back again and i’ve not installed any virus checker. Key shortcut for adding audio crossfade Edius 6. Preview any transition or effect all day long before committing it by simply pressing the play button.

Sbortcuts that case selecting those multiple clips and dragging and dropping to all at once is faster.

Am I missing something? Major pain when you regularly want to copy color correction filters plus also want to apply crossfades. Tuesday, October 4, edius tips. Originally Posted by msvideo. Place any effect at the beginning or end of any clip by expanding the clip on timeline to reveal keyer section, drag any effect to the left of the keyer area for a fade in or fly in etc.

I think most crossfades shortcuys done with multiple clips. My workflow is usually one at a time, some need J or L adjustments, some need duration adjustments, most of time is necessary to preview and adjust individually. Hi Mark try this and see if it suits 1.