Forbidden Love was a very good book because it made me more aware of some of . Some background: Norma Khouri is a Catholic from Jordan, whose best. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Norma Khouri

May 26, Santina rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It makes us in the West khuori good to see – or, more accurately, to believe – that the people in the East are frequently guilty of such awful things as Bagain describes, because it makes us feel better about our own failings; we get to say ‘well, at least we don’t do the things that they do in Jordan!

While this book was heartbreaking for the author on a personal level, I thought it was very informative. And honour killings were never happened at least by the time she wrote the book.

The India of the Britush Raj may seem a world away from Jordan in the 21st century but MM Kaye’s astute comparisons of the way in which the different characters think, including their instinctive attitudes to “telling the truth” seem to echo here.

She says that the ambulance took Dalia’s body away, which would have been the responsibility of the police. Perhaps women in Jordan don’t live in fear constantly, and this book may have slightly generalized an entire population, but honor killings do happen, and one dorbidden one too many.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’

The muslim community has enough againist them right now, without having lies passed off as true stories. Khouri was born in Jordan inand moved to Chicago in the United States with her parents in I picked this book up at least 10 years ago in a second hand bookshop in Hay on Wye a. Sep 22, Maryam rated it did not like it. Published January 28th by Atria Books first published It empowers me to want to find ways I can help, if I could help, other women who will be going through similar situations.

I’m glad Khouri decided to hon in on that in Honor Lost, which is the crux of her story, next to forbidden love, whether the protagonist and the logistics of the story are completely real or not. Jun 14, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: In response, Khouri promised to honour her friend by fighting against this practice of family murder, and bravely stood up to Dalia’s family, before being forced to flee Jordan in fear for her life.


I gave this book a pass while reading it because it was based on a true story and I kept telling myself that the characters are bland because it’s too difficult for the author to re-live that period of time in her life. Too bad it lost its appeal because of lie.

Those people need to reevaluate their statements and mentality. Bagain makes errors in geography and currency. The cynical maintain, however, that her book was born not out of compassion or experience but purely to cash in on interest in Arab ways of life and thought.

The Sydney Morning Herald. Death is death but this type of gender-based execution is startling. A stark reminder of how love can easily sweep one off their feet, forgetting the religious boundaries. Dalia’s death incites an anger and passion in Norma that is sure to endanger forbiddej own life, and with the help of Michael, is able to escape.

Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan is a story dedicated to a murdered friend; a soul-sister, whose lhouri crime was to love a decent, respectful man. This book did not raise awareness of an actual, terrible phenomenon, but instead distorted the truth and made people angry about an imagined practice, which lessened their rage about the actual practice.

Forbidden Love – Norma Khouri – Google Books

Photos of ‘Dalia’, who normma from an extremely devout Muslim family, show her wearing hijab with her hair on display, which would not have been allowed in a family of that level of khohri devotion. Below is the link. How can such a religion objecting women to such brutality? Of course honour killings happen and they are absolutely unforgivable, but the book made people think that every Arab family had at least one killing every generation.

Khouri also aroused suspicions because she spoke perfect American English despite claiming to have never lived in the United States. Chaperoned by Khouri, Michael and Dalia carried on a chaste and clandestine liaison, but after months of surveillance by Dalia’s brother they were seen holding hands. Oct 28, Ashleigh rated it liked it. I loved this book, but after adding it to my books on Good Reads, I learned it was a hoax.

Things were further complicated for Random House Australia because Khouri was sponsored under the category of nomination for distinguished talent in This book is thinly veiled Islamophobic propaganda.

The story describes Dalia’s love for a Christian soldier Michael, kept secret from her Muslim father due to conflict in religion.

Norma may be born Jordanian, have visited many times and have maintained her fluency but having grown up in Chicago her ideas are heavily influenced by the American Dream. The Sydney Morning Herald. That’s why I rated it 1 star, I hesitate to recommend this to anyone else because of the shadow forbirden casts on a society.


I’m sorry to see that some people still are so fame hungry that they tell one big lie after another, I’m in no means ever racist, but this evoked my anger so much This is the story of an Honor Killing of an innocent woman.

I must find a way to make all Arab women’s silent cries for justice and freedom heard around the world. Who all she wanted in life was to love and be loved. May 31, Rena rated it did not like it. But now the Jordanian-born author Norma Khouri is battling claims that Forbidden Love, and the life story she has recounted to book groups and journalists on three continents, is a fake. There’s one way to put an end for it, and that would be taking drastic measures for anyone who commits it.

For those who don’t know, this book is a literary hoax. T his is a story about Jordanian girl named Dalia, b D isappointment has driven me to give this book only one star and I classified this book as a fiction regardless what the author claimed that this is a nonfiction; I could have given this book more than this given the story is very touching and romantic love story, the Author is not a very wordy kind of author but I think the simplicity makes this book readable or is it because the readers thought simplicity is a good way of telling a true story?

Honor Lost: Love And Death In Modern Day Jordan by Norma Khouri

Khouri had not lived in Jordan sincebut had lived in Chicago for most of her life, and was married with two children. Feb 27, Ranjana rated it really liked it Shelves: Reason being that this book is a total lie. The religion which states that a murder of one lhouri being is the murder of whole humanity.

Norma emerges as a woman with a complex history which in all likelihood included abuse from a parent. Ultimately, we are, as human beings, compelled by the bonds of decency and ethical treatment which implore us to be united against this savagery.