Table 1. Qualifying Rounds and Scores for Archery GB Arrow Awards for Juniors . (iii) All Archers may shoot all outdoor rounds in the Handicap Tables, using. To connect this fundamental measure of skill to a Handicap Rating, . The Construction of Handicap Tables for Archers – paper sent to GNAS March ArcheryGB / GNAS · Weather Beckenham The main reference on the calculation of the handicap tables is: “The Construction of the Graduated Handicap Tables for Target Archery”, David Lane, Sep Earlier papers, written before.

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The shoot will be won by the archer who shoots best when compared with their peak performances. If the handicap of the score shot is greater than or equal to the archer’s current handicap, do nothing.

Their initial handicap is then calculated as the average of the handicaps for each of the three tablss, rounding up if the result is not a whole number. To achieve a handicap an archer must shoot at least tablws rounds.

Handicaps are useful for tracking progress when shooting different rounds each week. For a Portsmouth the handiicap is at most 3 points, but you might lose much more by having arrows that are hard to tune and shoot.

The purpose of Handicapping, as in all sports that have handicap schemes, is to enable competition between people of different ability, or using different classes of equipment, equalised handiap the basis of how well they perform when compared to their best performances.

The GNAS Classification Scheme is a scale of progressive gradings that requires archers to achieve different levels of scores, which depend on gender, age-group and bow-style.

The Handicap is calculated by referring to the GNAS Handicap Tables — the rules explain how to do this, but many people simply handicwp their score sheets to the Club Records Officer, who will do the calculation.


This end of season assessment handicap becomes your starting handicap for the next season you do not have to start again by shooting three scores first.

No adjustment is needed for round, bow type or gender. Sign up for the latest news Get all the latest news from Archery GB. The Handicap Tables on the other hand are the copyright ttables the person who devised the Handicap scheme, and can only be obtained by buying them in printed form, either from the GNAS Office, or an archery shop.

Extended range, to include most maximum scores and some lower scores.

The winner is the archer with the highest adjusted score. A novice usually starts out with a high handicap, which reduces as they post better scores. Both Handicap and Classification give a reliable gnnas to help each archer gauge whether they are improving, and compare how well they are doing against other archers, irrespective of whether they are the same or different gender, or different age, or are using a different type of bow.

Crystal Palace Bowmen

Handicap Tables Handicaps are useful for tracking progress when shooting different rounds each tablez. Tables for non-standard rounds can easily be calculated and some rounds eg Frostbite, Burntwood and the new metric rounds for juniors have already been added.

And if you get really spectacularly good, you can only achieve the two top gradings at major tournaments. To first obtain a handicap, an archer must shoot three rounds which are recognised for handicap purposes ghas a season. An incidental side effect is that it also allows each archer to see how well they are performing when they shoot different Rounds that are not directly comparable with one another.

Handicap Tables

Using the “non-standard round” last entry in the drop down list you can fnas out the handicap for each distance shot to find out if you have a weaker distance that you need to practice. Design by Stoke Web Services. Handicaps allow archers to compare their performance between different rounds, and track their improvement over a season. Did you know, archr can automatically calculate and keep track of the handicaps of all your scores for you or even for your entire club?


Gnss gain a classification you need to shoot three scores that meet that classification level. For any further rounds shot, an archer’s handicap is adjusted as follows: Continuous Assessment Your club’s records officer will keep track of the handicaps of all of the rounds you shoot throughout a year, and maintain what is called your continuous assessment handicap.

Handicaps The handicap system is a way of adjusting scores to a baseline so that archers with different levels of experience can compete on an equal footing.


You must re-qualify each year to maintain it. Rounding the average scores, or 1 decimal place. With hsndicap open competition the archers handicap is not always up to date or available, so the handicap is often calculated from the first 2 dozen arrows shot in the round. The category and age group you compete in do not have an effect on what the handicap for a particular score is although the same is not true for classifications. Article courtesy of AAC — Both are based on the best three scores achieved in handicaap Season, and both can be revised upwards during the course of the season if the archer improves on previous scores.