Dr. Günther Enderlein (–) whose main book Bacteria Cyclogeny was published in Enderlein was a visionary thinker who made. Günther Enderlein () saw the healthy host as filled with primitive life Enderlein’s work was the book by the French researcher A. Béchamp, titled. Dr Gunther Enderlein’s research has revealed the following: The cell is not the smallest visible living unit, but rather the colloid. This colloid has been termed the .

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Only the larger organisms developed out of these particles were pathogenic bacteria or fungi, Enderlein uses the word valent for pathogen. Together, we can look at changes to your diet and lifestyle that will work to increase your energy levels and health, while preventing future health issues. This method of analysis produces images with a dark background, allowing us to clearly see the blood cells.

By contrast, modern medicine is based on the monomorphistic view that microbes exist primarily in one form and mainly attack the body from the outside. Taking into account the limited knowledge and scientific techniques available to Enderlein gknther ago, we can better understand how he came to his erroneous theories.

The mucor racemosus cyclode leads to diseases concerning the blood, spine and rheumatism. Certainly, a mouse is similar to a human because it has blood vessels, enderlwin heart, a liver, a stomach, eyes and bones.

He developed bacteria and fungi may regress or downgrade back to harmless particles, but this process is only possible in a healthy host organism. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Enderlein proposed that the development of the highest forms to be pathogenic bacteria or fungi, which he believed to be Mucor racemosus or Aspergillus niger.


Enderlein was convinced that bacteria may increase in number or by asexual division or by another sexual way of merging the two nuclei before division.

Because Enderlein understood his remedies as lower, benign forms of the fungus Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus niger, he used the term isopathy to describe the preparations. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

[Günther Enderlein 95 years old].

In the 20th century, the dark-field microscopy was discovered and it became possible to view live blood samples without enderlin use of stains or other additives. Enderlein observed human microflora by using live blood under a darkfield microscope which enabled him to identify various types of degeneration. Cell 73, P [72] Ejderlein, C: Enderlein was a visionary thinker who made profound discoveries about the nature of chronic disease during his 60 year career.

This organism in turn uses these amino acids to produce its own protein. InFrancis Jakob and Jaques Monod discovered that molecular switches exist on DNA, which means that genes expressed as proteins are tightly regulated.

Christopher Gerner for his scientific work and for permitting use of the pictures in Figures 1 and 2. In addition, it is possible to categorize living organisms into species.

Due to this similarity, Enderlein concluded that these structures observed in blood preparations were living bacteria [18]. The filit-net leads to larger particle: Today, highly sensitive and sophisticated methods are available to rapidly determine whether objects that morphologically look similar are identical or not.


After he became production manager in a small pharmaceutical company: With traditional medical blood testing, preserved blood samples are sent to a laboratory where it is analysed for cell counts and chemical composition.

In Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis, the protein in the first dimension is separated by charge. Enderlein reported seeing ball-like morphologies that he called protits, symprotits and makrosymprotits, depending on the increase in size [7]. The determined DNA sequence or the identified protein delivers conclusive information on the origin and nature of the structures viewed in human blood.

The Science behind Dark Field Microscopy and the Understanding of Pleomorphism Dr Enderlein discovered that when the microfloras in the body are in harmony, there is corresponding health.

Finally, as the cellular structures went through an upward development to more virulent forms due to a change in homeostasis. After he became production manager in a small pharmaceutical company: Dr Enderlein was highly criticized by the Nazi party. Enderlein observed these morphologies in the blood of patients suffering from various illnesses, and was able to correlate different morphologies to the progress of illnesses [13].

Günther Enderlein – Wikipedia

He further thought that spermites induced the degradation of bacterial cells mychit to smaller units, namely symprotits and macrosymprotits. Proof that, bacteria have a nucleus or nucleic equivalent mych. Inthe first human genome project was completed [49] [50].