I’ve done subjective comparisons of the Ritual Path Magic system before, but I haven’t ever spoken directly to the book in which it is contained. GURPS: Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. Yes, the much anticipated new supplement has been released upon the world, with little fanfare. THE MAGIC IN YOUR MIND U. S This book reveals a mental magic that assures success, consciousness THE_MAG GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path.

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This is the section that I gripe about. Yes, of course, this supplement had to include it, as the assumption was only that you have the Basic Set when you pick this one up. A lot of the information on pages needs to be used in tandem, but there is a lot of text, though very helpful, only serves to drive me mad with page flipping.

That said, running the examples in real life makes it click really quick. But the examples used to illustrate the rules were also verbatim copied from the MH materials, and while I’m sure they’re fine, there was a squandered opportunity to expand upon the global set of examples in circulation by riual different ones that highlighted the same concepts in slightly different ways, without over-blowing word count.

I’d have liked it in an appendix, but it is big enough that finding it isn’t too hard. Too much of the exact same language as was presented in Monster Hunters 1. To me, magic that comes from a list thaumattology spells doesn’t feel like magic, it feels like choosing an option from a different menu than the other players, but it is still the same thing any one of them could do with just a different name. Casters have a few ways to obtain energy, but the main one is by accumulating it.

Other than that, the pull quotes are good, and the art seems consistent. When using trickery, remember that the target must understand what’s going on; that is, he must understand what rituak spell will do and that his self-inflicted pain is to contribute to its success! Overall, this is a very well written chapter, and doesn’t suffer from the organization issue I brought up earlier.

It describes its effects mechanically, and although definitely playable in of itself, I take it more as a hands-on example of how to create one’s own custom set of paths for a setting which might not thaaumatology compatible with the idea of the sephirot because maybe it is a fantasy world without Abrahamic religion or cabalistic tradition, and how to distribute additional decans and the like.

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Guess I’ll just have to write them up myself, get them vetted by the experts, and post them here Ritual Path Magicwhere there’s a will, there’s a way! Popular Thamatology December 12, Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at 2: Now, remember that you always have alternatives. Though as an optional rule, the GM may decide that coerced energy automatically adds an appropriate quirk to the ritual.

Due to this open-ended nature, I have no desire to lock down every aspect of the system. If you want a charm that grants you warding against demons, you’d use Lesser Control Spirit and Lesser Control Magic to make the charm, but once activated, the charm is considered a Lesser Control Spirit effect and nothing more. The Lesser Control Magic effect is part of what makes the spell into a conditional effect or charm, but it’s actually separate from the spell itself.

This supplement empowers you to: That’s like a rule, man. The first chapter introduces the concept of the system and describes the key mechanical components that a player needs to use the system. It is legal to hold his daughter hostage until he helps you with your spell, because he still has a choice — he could choose to let her die.

Ritual Path Magic FAQ

With this system, you can augment the arcanists of the GURPS Monster Hunters series or other modern-day magical mythswend new ways for wizened wizards, and provide new possibilities to power for any setting.

The chapter ends with an example of a new path based on secret magic knowledge. This doesn’t apply to using Intimidation, Fast-Talk, Sex Appeal, or other uses or coercion or trickery, however.

Think of it as a “meta-effect,” if you will.

And I think that a half-dozen pages devoted to longer-form examples would have been generally helpful to more than just me. Ritual Path magic is a freeform magic system; the caster chooses a combination of Paths and effects, and the GM has the final say over whether this will achieve the effect the caster is looking for. This is the chapter that gets into the mechanical nitty gritty of calculating how hard it is to cast a given spell based on the particular parameters in effect.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

There are, in fact over 80 spells, which is a very generous thaumatllogy in my opinion. Much more language, with explicit numbers where appropriate, to help define the line between a Lesser Effect and a Greater Effect. There are then lots of modifiers to customize the spell e. This supplement empowers you to:.


Let’s GURPS: Review: Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic

Designed to emulate the magic of real-world traditions and popular books, movies, and television shows, this framework permits practitioners to cast improvised spells, elaborate rituals, and everything in between. In addition, effects are rated as Lesser or Greater based on how thakmatology or game-breaking they are; Greater effects raise the spell’s energy cost even more. At 52 pages, cover to cover, it could have been longer.

Completely mechanically anachronistic, and I wish there was a system that was based on turning rituals into enchanted items instead. We start with a discussion of relevant advantages, each with detailed rules for flexibility, some being based on existing advantages from the basic set, repurposed from the vanilla magic system, pathh some being brand new and purpose built for Ritual Path Magic.

The book does have a lot of things I think it does well, and a lot of things I think it could do better, but overall, that’s meaningless in the face of how awesome the system is underneath all of the physical trappings of the writings therein. Let’s take a thuamatology look then at this supplement and see what I like about it. For example, if that mighty spell is a Lesser Control Mind effect to add a Delusion, you can’t use Lesser Destroy Magic to dispel it or use another Lesser Control Mind effect to overcome or alter it unless you’re willing to generate at least as much energy as the original caster did.

A very interesting sub-system for finding grimoiresbooks that give bonuses to casting spells, and for pricing them out is included, riual I find it a surprisingly helpful and welcome inclusion. I have my own project to get all the abbreviated details I need on one page, but it’s a private thing because sharing it would be, you know, blatant copyright infringement. The best way to represent enchanted items in Ritual Path magic is by building them as advantages with gadget limitations.

Yes, the much anticipated new supplement has been released upon the world, with little fanfare from Steve Jackson Games, but to generally very positive reviews from the masses.