17 Jul Although these oddly-formatted email hyperlink addresses will work with some email apps, it would be much better if InDesign exported them. I’m trying to make several hyperlinks on a 3 page pdf. Most of them link to facebook pages, instagram pages, soundcloud etc etc. Problem is. 9 Aug UPDATE: As of Version of InDesign CC and of InDesign CS6 the Concise problem statement: After entering a URL hyperlink in the.

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Before you place the Word document in InDesign, you may want worjing remove the hyperlinks from the URLs in the Word document to avoid inheriting this formatting. That worked for me. To locate the source of a hyperlink or cross-reference, select the item you want to locate in the Hyperlinks panel. Click Convert to convert the current URL to a hyperlink. Specify an appropriate URL destination: You can use any valid Internet resource protocol: For Subject Nkt, type the text that appears in the subject line of the email message.

Additionally on a semi-related note, I cannot post this to the Adobe forums. Open the Hyperlinks panel. Select Fit Visible to display the page so that its text hypeelinks graphics fit the width of the window, which usually means that the margins are not displayed.


Learn how to create, manage, and edit hyperlinks in InDesign

Correct Answers – 10 points. You can save as a PDF interactive like another poster mentioned. Create a hyperlink to an email message.

From the Text Anchor menu, choose the text anchor destination you created. If the text is an e-mail address bessie creativecow. Choose Hyperlink Destination Options in the Hyperlinks panel menu. In PDF, the text is still just a text. Most of them link im facebook pages, instagram pages, soundcloud Return to posts index.

In the Hyperlinks panel, select the hyperlink. Do either of the following:.

Select Fit View to display the visible portion of the current page as the destination. A destination is the URL, file, email address, page text anchor, or shared destination to which a hyperlink jumps.

I had the same problem, where all but one of my hyperlinks exported to PDF perfectly. Already done, but nothing changes. To locate the destination of a hyperlink or cross-reference, select the item you want to locate in the Hyperlinks panel. I don’t have version 5. Specify the page number you want to jump to and the Hyperlimks Setting.

Go to a hyperlink source or anchor. Do one of the following:. You can not post a blank message.

CS5: Hyperlink doesn’t work

I’m trying to make several hyperlinks on a 3 page pdf. Please enter a title. Hyperlink doesn’t work by Rob Hruska on May 4, at 5: If the item is a text anchor or page destination, InDesign jumps to that location. Choose Go To Source in the Hyperlinks panel menu.


ZachSaucier The duplicate you suggested ijdesign for Illustrator. Choose Sort from the Hyperlinks panel menu, and then choose any of the following:. Choose Go To Destination in the Hyperlinks panel menu.

Select Inherit Zoom nnot display the destination window hypeelinks the magnification level the reader uses when the hyperlink is clicked. A dotted outline is applied to the linked objects. Then set whatever options you like on the Export Settings dialogue. If you need some translation feel free to ask. You can also use the Buttons feature to link to web pages.

Select Fit In Window to display the current page in the destination window. To create the link I do the following: Create a hyperlink to a file. Reset or update hyperlinks. Want to add to the discussion? See your Word documentation.