*NOTES. 1. Please note that quoting false TAN may attract a penalty of Rs. 10,/- as per section BB of I.T.. Act, 2. Use a Separate Challan for each. ITNS – This Challan is used for depositing Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) or Tax Collected at Source (TCS). Challan No. ITNS – This is to be used in. a) ITNS is used for the payment of advance tax, self-assessment tax or regular assessment tax by companies or by other than companies. b) ITNS is .

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TDS deducted on payments excluding the purchase of property: This manual process was cumbersome as well as prone to errors.

Unlike traditional system in which three copies of ittns were issued, in OLTAS, single copy of challan is issued with a tear off strip for tax payer. This counterfoil is proof of payment being made. Click on Challan No. For example if the payment is to be made for interest on securities and one for dividend, in such case separate challans should be made specifying different codes for each kind of payment.

TDS Challan ITNS – Pay Online TDS with E Payment Tax

Central Board of Indirect Taxes 2281 this directly. Step-5 On confirmation of the data so entered, the taxpayer will be directed to the net-banking site of the bank.


When this token is presented at the branch after encashment of the cheque, the bank shall provide the acknowledgement counterfoil duly stamped with the Challan Identification Number.

Tax collecting bank branches and the nodal branches can access following details: Itnss the tax payer enters the amount against a CIN, the system will confirm whether it matches with the details of amount uploaded by the bank.

Logon to e-Tax Payment System site link https: It was introduced with an intention to minimize human intervention, thereby reducing errors and facilitating online transmission of details of tax collected, deposited, refunded etc. It will be redirected to the net-banking site of the bank. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. This is applicable in case of income tax of ihns, i. Following are the three types of challans introduced by the Income Tax Department: Challan Status Enquiry for Banks: It is to be ensured that separate challans are to be used for different types of deductees, i.

A note has to be taken that the payment can be made via cheque or cash. How to check the challan status online. Tax Saving Investments Made Simple. Assessment year is the year in which tax is to be paid in respect of the income earned during the previous year.


Error (Forbidden)

By providing TAN and Challan Tender Date range for a particular financial yearthe tax payer can view the following details: On the basis of CIN details and amount, the tax payer can view the following details: There are three types of Challans that are issued: For example, if the TDS is to be deposited for the month of Augustthe due date shall be September 7, TDS deducted on the purchase of property: OLTAS issues a single copy of a Challan and enables taxpayers to track the status of their challans or e-challan deposited in banks online.

Enter the TAN no.

A TDS challan is an official document that shows the tax deducted at source. Under traditional practice, the government used to collect taxes manually through bank branches. Confirmation screen will be displayed, check the details entered. Step-4 On submission of data entered, a confirmation screen will be displayed.