An Analysis of José Martí’s ‘Nuestra América’ – Antonia Lilie – Essay – Literature – Latin America – Publish your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, dissertation, term. 4 Feb Transcript of “Nuestra America” by Jose Marti. José Marti Contexto Histórico Ensayo escrito en Sobre la identidad nacional. In this essay, José Martí declares the independence and character of a united front of American republics in the face of United States expansionism. He does this.

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Few of them were ever built. To emphasize his idea of a united America he uses different approaches.

Nuestra América (versión inglés) | Portal José Martí

The republics have cured the former tyrannies of their inability to know the true elements of the country, derive the form of government from them, and govern along with them. In nations composed of both cultured and uncultured elements, the uncultured will govern because it is their habit to attack and resolve doubts with their fists in cases where the cultured have failed in the art of governing. Dramatists put native characters onstage. A revolution soon broke out against him and in he was forced to abdicate.

Eramos una mascara, con los calzones de Inglaterra, el chaleco parisiense Thrown out of gear for three centuries by a power which denied men the right to use their reason, the continent disregarded or closed its ears to the unlettered throngs that helped bring it to redemption, and embarked on a government based on reason-a reason belonging to all for the common good, not the university brand of reason over the peasant brand.

He reads to apply his knowledge, not to imitate. Your Friends Email Address: Provided that be can be mayor, humiliate the rival who stole his sweetheart, or add to the savings in his strongboxhe considers the universal order good, unaware of those giants with seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot, or of the strife in the heavens between comets that go through the air asleep, gulping down worlds.


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An Analysis of José Martí’s ‘Nuestra América’

Economists study the problems at their point of origin. The tiger that lurks inside us attacks through the rents in our social fabric, and the tiger that lurks outside us does, too.

The truth is built without it. Over some republics the octopus sleeps still. We need it more. The problem if independence did not lie in a change of forms but in change of spirit.

A day before Marti was deadly wounded in combat, he wrote, a letter to his close Mexican friend Manuel Mercado, in which he made enlightening and impressive revelations that are considered his political testament.

The frockcoat are still Frenchbut thought begins to be American. He knows nothing of the giants in seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot, the battling comets in the heavens which devour the worlds that lie sleeping in their paths.

Selective and sparkling prose is filled with ideas. Empire without an Emperor. The government must arise from the country. For i not, the maryi will prevail. Fortifications built of ideas are more valuable than those built of stone. Government must originate in the country. Orators speak in measured tones.

The struggle is not between civilization and barbarity, but between false erudition and Nature. View author and book videos on our YouTube channel. They read in order to apply what they read, not copy it. Those without faith in their country are seven-month weaklings.

“Nuestra America” by Jose Marti by Maria Patino on Prezi

The hour of unbridled passion and ambition from which North America may escape by the ascendency of the purest elements in its blood—or into which its vengeful and sordid masses, its tradition of conquest, and the self-interest of a cunning leader could plunge it— is not yet so near, even to the most apprehensive eye, that there is no time left for it to be confronted and averted by the manifestation of a discreet and unswerving pride.


These countries will be saved because a genius for moderation, found in the serene harmony of Nature, seems to prevail in the continent of light, where there emerges a new real man schooled for these real times in the critical philosophy of guesswork and phalanstery that saturated the previous generation.

Some of the republics are still beneath the sleeping octopus, but others, under the law of averages, are draining their land with sublime and furious haste, as if to make up for centuries lost.

Along comes the natural man, strong and indignant, and he topples all the justice accumulated from books because he has not been governed in accordance with the obvious needs of the country.

Poetry shears off its Zorrilla-like locks and hangs its red vest on the glorious tree. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: The scorn of our formidable neighbor who does not know us is our America’s greatest danger. Our America The conceited villager believes the entire world to be his village.

We can no longer be a people of leaves, living americw the air, our foliage heavy with blooms and crackling or humming at the whim of the sun’s caress, or buffeted and tossed by the storms.