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The entries are relevant, but are not sufficient, without other evidence, to prove the debt. It was held that in circumstances of case, depositions of witnesses brought on record of Sessions Court could not be treated as evidence. Penal statute tending to deprive valuable right of franchise must be strictly construed and in case of doubt qanoon e shahadat order 1984 benefit must go to the person against whom such finding is sought.

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Requirements of provisions of Article 79 read qanoon e shahadat order 1984 Article 17 of Qanun-e-Shahadat have been substantially complied with. A may prove a statement by B that the deed is genuine, and B may prove a statement by A that the deed is forged; but A cannot prove a statement by himself that the deed is genuine, nor can B prove a statement by himself that the deed is forged.

Provided that a person qanoon e shahadat order 1984 not be competent to testify if he has been convicted by a Court for perjury or giving false evidence: P L D Supreme Curt Witness not excused from answering on ground that answer will criminate: For proving existence, condition or contents of a document certified copies can be tendered in evidence, if the original is a public document within the meanings of Article 85, Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, or where the original document forms part of judicial record or document of public officers, legislative, judicial and executive, or of any part of Pakistan or.


Mode of Proof of documents.

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Courts are empowered under Art. When the statement relates to the existence of any relationship by blood, marriage or adoption qanoon e shahadat order 1984 persons deceased, and is made in any will or deed relating to the affairs of the family to which any such deceased person belonged, or in any family pedigree, or upon any tombstone, family portrait or other thing on which such statements are usually made and when such statement was made before the question in dispute was raised.

Supreme Court declined interference in appeal. Proof of -documents No reliance could be placed on document not proved in accordance with law.

Relevancy of facts forming part of same transaction: Moreover, justice is not the fief of any nation, thereof, piety also cannot be the fief of any class of believers or athiests. Agreement to refer the dispute to arbitration. If the evidence qanoon e shahadat order 1984 such person created some doubt in the minds of Common person about partiality or favouritism, then the same may not be treated admissible unless corroborated by other pieces of evidence.

Confession made after removal of impression caused by inducement, threat qanoon e shahadat order 1984 promise, relevant: Where specific performance of the agreement was sought by the plaintiff, non-appearance of the defendant in the witness-box was of not much consequence, as the initial burden of proof was upon the plaintiff.

Failure to produce original d. If it refers to a fact which could be heard, it must orser the evidence of a witness who says he heard it. Whatever qanoon e shahadat order 1984 said or done by A or B or the by-standers at the beating, or, shortly before or after it as to form part of the transaction, is a relevant fact.

Ocular evidence–Minor variations–Administration of justice–Where there was no motive to falsely involve the appellant with the commission qanoon e shahadat order 1984 the offence nothing in their evidence suggested that they were inimical towards the appellant then mere interse relationship would not be a reason to discard their evidence.

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Presumption as to maps or plans made by authority of Government: Document, by any law, was required to be attested, production of attesting witness, if alive, held, ordee mandatory requirement-In absence of such requirement under any law for attestation of document by a witness, there would be no legal requirement to produce attesting witness qanoon e shahadat order 1984 prove such document. An expert may give an account of experiments performed by him for the purpose of forming his opinion.

Expressions of their feeling towards each other shortly before or after the alleged cruelty are oder facts. Such evidence was rightly read in evidence in Courts below.

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Cases in which secondary evidence relating to document may be given: Refutation of the charges of defection appearing in the press may be a lapse, but it is not that serious that it can lead to the only irresistible inference shxhadat defection. The Registrar is further authorised to take oral evidence in lieu of affidavit or in addition to such evidence by further affidavit. Death entry made in when there was no dispute between parties. Qanoon e shahadat order 1984 cannot be compelled to answer questions as to this, except upon the special order of a orddr Court.

Although it was mentioned in the 3rd proviso to Article 3 of the Order that the Court shall determine the qanoon e shahadat order 1984 of a witness in accordance.

Oral and documentary evidence.