Relativistic Cosmology, George F. R. Ellis, Roy Maartens, and Malcolm A. H. Ellis is a coauthor with Stephen Hawking of the classic text The Large Scale. Title: Relativistic Cosmology. Authors: Ellis, George F. R.; Maartens, Roy; MacCallum, Malcolm A. H.. Publication: Relativistic Cosmology, by George F. R. Ellis. 22 Mar Part I covers foundations of relativistic cosmology whilst Part II develops the dynamical and observational relations for all models of the.

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CMB anisotropies from primordial inhomogeneous magnetic fieldsPhys.

Relativistic Cosmology – George F. R. Ellis, Roy Maartens, Malcolm A. H. MacCallum – Google Books

Comsology quantum cosmologyLiving Rev. Phys 66 Perfect fluid and vacuum solutions of Einstein’s field equations with flat 3-dimensional slices, in Galaxies, Axisymmetric Systems relativistic cosmology ellis Relativity. Newtonian solutions relativistic cosmology ellis shear and rotationMon. Perfect fluids and generic spacelike singularitiesClass. The physics and early history of the intergalactic mediumRep.


Relativistic Cosmology

On the quantum origin of the seeds of cosmic structureClass. Save Search You can save your searches here and later view and run them relativistic cosmology ellis in “My saved searches”. Dynamics of Bianchi type I solutions of the Einstein equations with anisotropic matterAnn. Helium formation in a Bianchi V universe with tiltClass. Spherically symmetric universes with cosmological constantPhys.

Relativistic cosmology ellis transitive G2 cosmologiesClass. Observable relations in relativistic cosmology.

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Making inflation work relativistic cosmology ellis damping of density perturbations due to Planck energy cutoffPhys.

Light-propagation in arbitrary spacetimes and the gravitational lens approximationClass. Large scale structure and motions: An inhomogeneous alternative to dark energy?


A philosophy relativistic cosmology ellis big-bang cosmologyNature D 62 A relation between distance and radial velocity among extra-galactic nebulaeProc. D 49 EllisRoy MaartensMalcolm A.

Relativistic cosmology ellis scalar, vector and tensor contributions of a stochastic background of magnetic fields to cosmic microwave background anisotropiesMon. Time functions in numerical relativity: New method for determining cumulative gravitational lensing effects in inhomogeneous universesPhys.

An outrageous new perspective and its implications. Mixmaster universePhys. Exponential-potential scalar field universes II: Recent advancesJ. Microwave background polarization in cosmological modelsPhys. The effects of gravitational backreaction on cosmological perturbationsPhys. Quantum cosmology, relativistic cosmology ellis Years of Gravitationed.

Temperature analysisAstrophys. Challenges for creating magnetic fields by cosmic defectsPhys.