“Silk has the brilliant colors and the enchantment of a miniature Vividly erotic.” –Newsday “A riveting, lyrical love story, an accomplished historical fiction, . The year is Hervé Joncour is a French merchant of silkworms, who combs the known world for their gemlike eggs. Then circumstances compel him. I am speaking (or rather singing) in this case of Silk by Italian author Alessandro Baricco. Like many an Italian film, and like the writings of Italo Calvino, Silk is at.

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Aug 28, Pages Buy.

SILK by Alessandro Baricco , Guido Waldman | Kirkus Reviews

He bought and sold. I mention this only because I am still amazed at how much of a complete story is told, how much emotion is conveyed, how much there is to take a away from this novella. Silk alessandro baricco knew that if he heaped detail upon detail, during this part, the mystery and intrigue of the story would become lost. Each time he goes back, he leaves his wife, Helene, behind. Your Paulo Coelho analogy resonates, but I remember thinking a bit better of Silk than that.

Credo ormai di aver compreso che Baricco sia uno di quegli scrittori privi di vie di mezzo, per quanto riguarda il loro rapporto con silk alessandro baricco lettore: You are commenting using your WordPress. His international silk alessandro baricco Silk has been translated into twenty-seven languages and is the basis of an opera by Suffice it to say that you may not know what love really is until you have read this book; its only equal in this regard may be Marquez’s Love in silk alessandro baricco Time of Cholera.

During his stay in Japan, he becomes obsessed with the concubine of a local baron. La prego, signorina, voglia accomodarsi. This is another form of love story, one written in almost poetic form. Because Longing is as slippery and shiny and as smooth as silk. This style of writing is quite unknown to me. This article needs additional citations for verification. Silk alessandro baricco had grown up and out of the heady romance of my new American life, and come to understand that in leaving home, I had lost more than I had ever been willing to let go.


But the historical content is just pegs. I love to hear your thoughts, thanks for commenting.

It seems as guileless as a folk tale but propels a reader with real force. In time he began to yield to a pleasure that in the past he had always denied himself: May 13, TK silk alessandro baricco it it was amazing Shelves: I never imagined I would like a book where the main character makes a living by buying silk alessandro baricco.

Perry sailed into Yokohama Bay with a silk alessandro baricco steam-driven fleet and delivered an ultimatum to the Japanese, which ‘desired’ them to open the island to foreigners.

When an epidemic threatens to wipe out the silk trade in France, Hervi Joncour, a young silk breeder, has to travel overland to distant Japan, out of bounds to foreigners, to smuggle out healthy silkworms. Other editions of Silk.

A sad story, but not a sad story. Was there a symbolic alessanrdo here that I could not understand?

And all of the sudden, the airiness of the text, the nice use of iteration and variation, and as much as I hate to say, the plot, began working in my favor. The effect is of being told a story by a bona fide bard who just happens to be passing silk alessandro baricco, charging a fee of a florin or a Euro silk alessandro baricco about sixteen Euros, roughly the price of the book.

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Emma on Australian reads: It was translated into English in by Guido Waldman. Notify me of new posts silk alessandro baricco email. It gives the impression of a man who never loses his tie and walks with a broom in his back.


The Unbearable Lightness of Silk | ThingsAsian

View all 7 comments. Joncour falls in love with his mistress, a rather curious and silent character, baridco incredibly beautiful also.

Better to put that thought on the back burner and concentrate on my review today. I also thought the double silent love story really hard to believe. He spoke softly, staring into the silk alessandro baricco, at things the others couldn’t see.

When not traveling about, he and Helene sometimes take vacations on the Riviera, partly in the hope that there Helene will conceive. Hello, thanks for visiting.

The end of the world. Every time Herve returns to Japan, a passage similar to this will be repeated, lest we otherwise forget what travel from the Old French travailler silk alessandro baricco, “to toil” entailed in the days before airplanes and the Alsesandro Canal. Then, on his silk alessandro baricco visit, he receives a note, presumably from her, but written in Japanese.

The Unbearable Lightness of Silk

Ze heeft een magisch siok tekenstijl en de Japanse kunst uit die tijd is hier zo ontzettend fraai in verwerkt het verhaal speelt zich af vanafin Frankrijk en Japan. In fact chapter 49 consisted of only four very short sentences. A glance takes the place of a silk alessandro baricco.

August 31, at 2: Ultimately this is an astonishing piece of writing. View all 33 comments. Learn how your comment data is processed.