The Enchanted: A Novel [Rene Denfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A wondrous and redemptive debut novel, set in a stark world. 25 Nov The fiction debut from nonfiction author and journalist Denfeld (Kill the Body, the Head Will Fall) is a striking one-of-a-kind prison novel. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld. April 22, imgres There are only a handful of novels that have left me blessedly confused in the way The Enchanted did.

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First, I love prison. The inmate is a great reader, mostly denfwld, and his love of reading transports him beyond the walls of his prison.

Is this a book for everyone? A grainy book, the golden the enchanted rene denfeld lay on top of the print of the cover, the bars are stamped into the book, the pages unevenly cut. We also see the lives of others – a priest who wonders about redemption, prison guards who believe that some tye deserve to die, and a lady who wants to save them all even though she isn’t always sure why.

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The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld

The world we live in, have many worlds within, worlds within worlds, different than ours, the world of less-humans, where to live has an entirely disparate impression than what we think it to be. In this most the enchanted rene denfeld of ways, Rene Denfeld has me has the world mystified. She shares with us a side to these individuals that we could not possibly think are human.


The weak are victimized, no matter what their offence. It is a critical examination of mass incarceration, violence, and the meaning of justice and hope. Prison is a dangerous place in which to be seen. I loved the golden horses and the little men in the walls which turned out to be in the narrator’s mind the enchanted rene denfeld were delightful anyway.

The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld~ Ellen Urbani

It’s a story of hope even as death waits. I feared it might be too gruesome and put off reading it for a long time based on that fear. He hears horses galloping underground and little men hammering in the walls, and you understand his reality. She is a death penalty investigator who works on cases the enchanted rene denfeld the condemned, reviewing their cases to assess whether an inmate’s sentence was properly imposed.

The costs of enforcing the death penalty now outstrips the cost of keeping a convicted inmate in prison for the rest of his natural life.

And, beautifully written, a poetic style, which is strangly contrasting with the topic of Enchatned thinking about this book the enchanted rene denfeld lot since I read it. View all 16 comments.

I am so pleased to see this review for several reasons. That he is able to find enchantment in this darkest of situations is breathtaking.

The Enchanted

The child’s mother and other family still deal with a baby’s death more than twenty the enchanted rene denfeld afterward. Then maybe we can stop men like me from happening. View all 37 comments. The narrator is a mute inmate, awaiting his date with death in the ‘dungeon’ deep under ground. At the same time, we live with the hearts and minds of the shattered survivors of the victims.


I can not rate this book highly enough. I’m not really ddnfeld what that says about me, the enchanted rene denfeld there is probably some rebe psychological meaning in there somewhere.

The enchanted rene denfeld enchahted nearly as present a character as any living one in The Enchanted and the reader is reminded that we are all the walking dead, facing the same inevitable end as those on death row.

There are indeed monsters inside the stone walls, as there are monsters without, both drawn to the despoiling of innocence and beauty.


The most terrible duty I was charged with was to try Capital Punishment Cases. They waited for them to die, they worked them to death, and they hanged them. The story is enthralling and keeps you reading far into the night.