The Spirit World has 87 ratings and 9 reviews. John said: Definitely a moldy oldie , but it contains some bizzare theology that I find interesting. Though. The Scriptures are full of the “Supernatural.” The only cure for the “Materialism” of the present day is to discover what the Scriptures reveal as to the “Spirit World. CLARENCE LARKIN: THE SPIRIT WORLD: TABLE OF CONTENTS AND FOREWARD (A PDF Copy Of The Complete Book Is Available Here) (A WordPerfect.

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We read in the first and second chapters of Job that it was the custom in Job’s day for the “Sons of God” angelsto appear at stated times in the presence of God to give an account of their thr, and that Satan always appeared with them. The existence of Satan cannot be determined by the opinions of men.

Clarence Larkin: The Spirit World: Chapters 1 Through 5

And it accounts for the persistent war Satan is waging against the Almighty to retain his possession of the earth. All down through the Old Testament we see Satan at work trying to frustrate the plan of God for the “Redemption of the Race.

While it is true that overcoming evil perfects character, it is not true that evil is necessary for such perfection. It was through Eve and not Adam that Satan sought to destroy the race.


Books by Clarence Larkin. One angel destroyedof the Assyrian army in a night. See Chart of “Satan.

Angels as far as we know were created “en masse,” and as they are immortal, and never die, there is no necessity for marriage among them. Fantastic Biblical insight on the Spirit world. If Samuel was in Paradise, Saul and his sons cclarence wicked could not go there.

This accounts for the desire of the victim to live in a state of nudity; to have lustful and licentious thoughts.

Michelle rated it liked it Feb 07, It leads to vicious and inhuman conduct.

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Back To Home Page. Among the “Principalities and Powers” of the Spirit World there are three great leaders: As no mortal being in the flesh can look on the person of God and live Exo Their appearance in Jerusalem to those who were alive in the flesh, reveals not only the possibility, but the manner of communication between the risen saints and the people of the Millennial Earth, during the Millennium.

But you ask how about those of whom it is said in Wolrd Definitely a moldy oldie, but it contains some bizzare theology that I find interesting. Job spirif that the heavens are not clean in God’s sight.

The spirif of our Solar System is a “Trinity. He is a Trinity because he was made in the “Image of God. God took the matter out of his hands. When was this sin committed?


The Spirit World

There is a statement in Gen 3: But as clareence moral agents they had the power of choice, not between “Good” and “Evil,” but between following the “Will of God,” or their “Own Will. There was the origin of sin.

Th To Contents Page. He is there called — Lucifer, Son of the Morning. The “Heat” of the Sun is not seen, but is felt.

The “Wandering Spirits” do not enter in and take possession of the person, they simply exercise an outward “control,” as in Hypnotism. Some hold that “Evil” is necessary to properly develop and perfect free moral agents. Their central camp or abode is the “Bottomless Pit” from which they “sally forth” at the command of their leader.

rhe This accounts for why Samuel’s “spirit” came up out of the earth, and not down from Heaven. Such an assumption has no foundation in Scripture. They use them as “instruments of unrighteousness,” Rom 6: They are not Satan’s angels, for his angels are free, and like him roam about, but these angels are in “prison,” “in darkness,” and “reserved in chains” for judgment.