1 Jan Abstract. Energy management programs are vital to the economic life of any industry and heat recovery boilers play a dominant role in those. Waste heat boiler deskbook. Front Cover. V. Ganapathy. Fairmont Press, Jan 1, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Covers the design and application of waste heat boilers for industrial, cogeneration and municipal solid waste applications. Real-life case studies aid the.

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Substituting in Equation we have: It is typically in the range of 4 to The chambers are refractory lined.

CalCulation Examples Two examples illustrate the versatility of the program. It can be transported over greater distances and smaller pipes can waate used compared to steam. In a fire-tube boiler, gas flows inside of the tubes; steamwater mixture flows on the outside. If a particular gas is not present, enter zero for its volume.

Waste heat boiler deskbook – V. Ganapathy – Google Books

Figure shows a boiler for this service. Note that a smaller shell, lesser tube count could mean a less expensive boiler though the length and the gas pressure drop could be more. This fact is partly responsible for the improvement in efficiency. By reducing the gas temperature to convection sections below the melting temperatures of these salts one can minimize slagging concerns, which results in build up of corrosive deposits.



The resulting steam water mixture goes to an external steam separator where the steam is separated hear water circulates back.

Advantages claimed are smaller floor space and quick startup capabilities.

There are however a few concerns with incineration. The water available for beat applications could be of poor quality having on the order of to ppm total dissolved solids. See Appendix E for more information on computing he at high pressures.

These methods typically reduce NO x to 40 to 50 ppmvd range. General wood wastes Douglas Smith, “Integrated waste management systems are the only solution, Power Engineering, July If the gas pressure is high, a fire tube boiler is preferred, Figure Try pph through boiler and pph through bypass.

Figure shows the scheme. Designs that help minimize steaming concerns are discussed later. The exhaust gases transfer energy to steam via a HRSG.

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How to avoid high and low temperature corrosion problems? Assume that the damper area is 10 sq ft.

The ad vantage of these units is the short lead time for their installation. In addition, a mixed flow hdat was used for the superheater with the steam exit at the cooler gas end so as to minimize the tube wall temperature.


It is small for fire tube boilers as the beam length is the tube inner diameter. Assuming that an induced draft fan is hoiler at the boiler exit, the fan power consumption could be found as follows: F C 92 6. The liner should cover as much of the insulation fiber as possible and yet be free to thermally expand in both the directions.

Prom TableK2 is 0.

Waste heat boiler deskbook

The buildup of boiler scale is most severe in those areas in which the maximum heat transfer occurs. I I would also like to thank the following publications for permitting me to use my articles, which originally appeared in them: How to compute the gas temperature at the SCR at off-design conditions. Using this method, one need not evaluate heat. Arrangement of modular incinerator for MSW application.