Yoga Makaranda Part 2 Sri T Krishnamacharya. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and. This document which appears to be a continuation of the Yoga Makaranda, Part 1, contains material along the similar lines of Yoga Yajnavalkya (order of the 8. 3 Jan Sri T. Krisnamacharya, ‘Yoga Makaranda – Part II’,. (Link to download PDF byoga-makaranda-part-ii). makaranda.

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In an interview, B. The legs are now stretched. Especially in this asana, as considerable pressure is applied to the abdomen it is absolutely necessary to see that the bowels and bladder are clear before doing this asana. I still need to do some work editing the whole thing, getting rid of some of it’s bloggyness and well as improve the layout but, for now, it’s something to be going on with.

The breaths should be even, makaranca and long. Some support to the back may be necessary at the beginning. As practice advances, after the head has been lifted, and the body balanced, the shoulders should also be lifted and the final position reached.

A point to be carefully noted, is that the left thigh should be closely pressing the body. Do the nonnal Halasana, Central with the toes just behind the head.

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He was also a visionary who had a sense of the atrophy that Vedic study would face in modern times. Download Kriahnamacharya’s Yoga Makaranda. A general observation may be made that those suffering from piles should avoid as far as possible from sitting upright for long period at a time.

The foot of the left leg should be perpendicular to the ground.


Aranya 1 headstand 20 headstand prop 1 headstand variations 1 headstand variations. Exhale, bend knee and bring the knees by gradual stages, so that the inside of the knees may touch the ears, the knee caps and ground and the thighs be close to the body, the shoulder touching the thighs.

Lie on the back relaxed and take rest for at least for three minutes. Systematic course of Yoga practices has been given in a number of books written by the ancient rishis. For beginners lifting the legs keeping them stretched may be difficult. Take deep breaths as many as is possible without undue strain. While inhaling lift trunk. Here’s the link again to the full page document. The right knee should touch the ground. Should asana vary according to age?

While exhaling, lift the leg without bending the knee to an upright position so that the leg now forms a right angle with the body. I have split the document to make it more meaningful. Please note carefully the position of the hands in the illustration. Stand upright with feet together and legs stretched. Now jump forward with both the feet and bring them between the palms.

Krishnamacharya’s Mysore Yogaat home : Slow Ashtanga PLUS Yoga Makaranda Part I and II

The other leg should continue to lie on the ground stretched. The second is the full video which includes Iyengar Ashtanga demonstration. The forehead should touch the kneecaps. This is the file cover of the original type written manuscript of Part II.

Keeping the fingers interlaced, the arms should be lowered by bending at the elbows, and the palms brought behind the neck to touch it. Take three deep breaths. The deep breaths in this asana can with advantage be with control both after inhalation and after exhalation i. The purpose and the capability of the person determined the practice.


While exhaling, bend trunk forward at the hip keeping the spine straight, till the forehead touches the knee. Ygoa the ppart of his head, the lower abdomen and his mental focus.

Turn head to the left, so that the left ear parg the ground. Bend one leg, say the right, at the knees, and place the foot of the right leg on the left thigh, so that the heel of the right foot is as near the naval as possible.

The important ypga to note are that the spine is kept straight, the chin is locked, the stomach drawn in, and the trunk twisted so that both the shoulders are equidistant from the right toe.

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The movement is further continued by bending the body further at the hips, so that the body forms an arch. While inhaling raise any one of the legs to the upright position as in Sarvangasana.

Take 3 deep breaths. The number may be slowly increased to twelve as practice advances. The thyroid gets special benefits. This reduces the fat toga the waist.

On what basis do we follow the practice of yogasana? Press on makaranea ground hard by the palms, and lift the hips also. While describing the benefits of yoga practice, asana and pranayama, many ancient Ayurvedic terminologies have been translated into western medical terms such as kidney, liver, intestines, etc.