Laurenz Brunner, Akkurat specimen (). The sans-serif typeface Akkurat, designed by the talented Swiss designer Laurenz Brunner and. Websites using the typeface Akkurat with personal recommendations for similar web fonts, suggested font Akkurat Type Specimen Akkurat Font Pairings. I hate it when I find out about an item that I really want after it’s already sold out. The Akkurat Specimen offered by Lineto and designed by.

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Why buy something like this? The vintage handbag that never was but is now. Designed by Laurenz Brunner. Admittedly, I just made my first business card in years, simply because we discovered that there was some space left on the printing sheet of a larger spevimen identity job. Who is Kim Colin giving her book to this Christmas?

Who is Alexandra Sankova giving her book to this Christmas? What links these four products?

And how will it differ from the original release? I’ve always considered that letters, the smallest unit of visual communication, were an essential real estate within my work, a hinge between language and form. Check out the Subscribe section on the left.

Who is Kimberlie Birks giving her book slecimen this Christmas? If you would like to get your hands on a second edition as much as me, shoot them an email and maybe if enough of us request it we can get our hands on a copy.


Preview of the new Akkurat Black scheduled for early By way of an ingenious folding technique, each booklet unfolds into a poster sized x mm. They are punch-cut for easy storage in standard folders. What made you draw it in the first place? Little kids and big design lovers will adore these gifts. The slow and monochromatic nature of the type design process and the engagement with anachronistic shapes creates an interesting spdcimen to many processes of our high-paced design culture.

Tweets about ” Phaidon”.

We specialise in editorial design, communication, corporate design, research and education. Like most graphic design it is inherently time and context specific, zpecimen therefore difficult to translate to the web without formalising it.

LL Akkurat Specimen

How would you explain your practice? Sorry to double-comment like this, but a subscribe to comments feature would be useful: That meant that new linguistic regions had to be covered.

Akkurat became something of a mascot for this movement. I’m interested in the equilibrium of high and low culture, concept sspecimen improvisation, historical akkurqt and progressive technology. The plastic pleasure-boat worlds of Verner Panton. You choose not to present your portfolio online. Like Helvetica before it, Akkurat has all but taken over the graphic design world. Who is Tom Wainwright giving his book to this Christmas? You’re currently working on a revision of the set.


You’re not specifically a type designer. It has its own page, for one, which incorporates an insightful text celebrating the functional font’s clean and crisp character. John, your wish is my command. Basket 0 Checkout Sign in. Also, working in a field which is a lot about amplification, promotion, publishing, distribution and exposure I quite enjoy keeping my own profile low-key. An inspirational resource focused on design, typography, minimalism and modernism.

Design of the Week: I’ve drawn over typefaces, most of them strictly used for one project only.

Design of the Week: Akkurat

Once published you lose all control over how it’s used — time is the only judge. I started the design process in London inin a graphic design environment that was driven by illustration and saturated with expressive fonts.

But, encouraged by [graphic designer] Cornel Windlin, the font was completed for release in and published by Lineto.