View and Download Uniden BCDXT user manual online. Trunktracker. BCDXT Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Uniden BCDXT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCDXT User Manual, Owner’s Manual. The BCDXT Uniden’s APCO Capable desktop Trunktracker scanner with . on Scanner Master ยท Easier to Read BCDXT Digital Scanner Manual.

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Dynamically Allocated Channel Memory – organized into ‘Systems’, ‘Sites’, within trunking systems’Groups’ within systemsand channels within groups.

See also Band Defaults. To exit CC manhal p ress SQ. To Use a Startup Key: You can also lock out this home repeater ID so you will not receive it. If you should receive an alert, you will hear a loud warbling then the weather channel audio.

Insert the scanner and insert the bracket knobs to lock the scanner in position. The scanner will remember the last startup configuration you used when you power up the scanner using just the power key.

This setting only effects conventional channels with an Audio Type set to ‘ All ‘. Operating the controls Each button has at least two different actions which you control using the key combinations explained below.

The scanner will also search and display unknown tones. The scanner opens a dialog ‘ Storing Location ‘ to store your current location or ‘ Location Exists ‘, Accept? Then the scanner scans the system called ‘Close Call’. Scanning- the process of stepping through conventional channels in groups, which are in programmed ‘systems’.


Set Start-up Key allows you to turn on the scanner with the system enabled for scan using the Startup Configuration. This feature is for handing the scanner to someone without the person screwing up your radio.

Set Lockout determines whether a system will be scanned or not even if the quick key for the system is turned on. Search Lockouts – you can lock out up to frequencies temporary, permanent in search or close call search.

It makes this task much, much easier. Never connect any part of the headphone jack to the antenna jack or connect the radio to an installation where the antenna and audio connection are grounded. Preemptive Priority Preemptive priority is a feature that works on Motorola systems.

Set Status Bit Motorola only sets how your scanner works with status bits also called S-bitsletting you control how the scanner interprets and displays Motorola talk group IDs. Worksheets I have put together complete worksheets ready to print to help you plan your systems, Close Call, and Fire Tone-Out, etc. Set Serial Port XT.

Uniden BCDXT Mini-Manual

Incorrectly matching the modulation setting to the actual modulation used is the biggest reason for unbalanced audio between channels. The scanner returns to the current frequency when you release the key. Keys And Their Functions file: The more channels you have set to priority, the longer the interruption will be.

Scroll to ‘ Disp. Search – the scanner searches and displays any NAC tone with the transmission.

Uniden BCD996XT Mini-Manual

Systems that are not assigned to any startup key are left unchanged. Press to enter the Menu mode for a displayed channel in Scan Mode. This data burst is not sent at the same time by all the channels, but happens randomly throughout all the system channels. Searching- the process of searching for active frequencies in quick search, service, bcd996xtt search, Close Call search, Search and Store, or Close Call Auto Store. When the scanner finds an active transmission, it checks to see if the frequency has already been stored in the system ‘ Memory Check ‘ in the display.


With this feature Offwhen the scanner detects a Close Call signal while scanning, the scanner does not override the current audio. Custom – Allows you to create a custom band plan for rebanded systems.

Since all of the step and modulation settings default to ‘Auto’, this allows you to skip those settings when programming. If the ID has already been stored, the scanner continues to search.

When the scanner reaches the maximum number of hits you set, it stops the auto-store operation.

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For an entire county, use 0. You can set the scanner so the Close Call feature checks for a Close Call hit every 2 seconds in the background while you are scanning or searching or use Close Call only mode. Tone-Out Standby Mode is used if you know and use programmed tones.